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Legal Issues Settled Out of Court

Do you feel like a family issue is escalating to a point where it cannot be resolved by anyone but a judge? There might be another answer — collaborative law. Collaborative law enables couples to with us to come to a settlement instead of spending energy and time into the uncertainty of court decisions. When you want to resolve your disputes out of court, schedule an appointment with our experienced attorney today.

If you've got an experienced attorney in your corner, you can tackle any legal dispute you might have, even before the problem escalates into a full-blown court case.


Avoid hostile courtroom encounters and take advantage of our experienced service to settle your problems before it gets to that point.

Retain a lawyer who will work with you

  • Monetary disputes

  • Support

  • Alimony

  • Custody

  • Divorce

Settle issues before they get to court

Let us handle your legal dispute before it escalates.


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